Court Reporting Services

  • Depositions/Hearings/Arbitrations (ALL reporters are certified)
  • Scanned/searchable exhibits in PDF, .tiff, .jpg, and OCR
  • Electronic transcripts
  • Digitally signed transcripts
  • Encrypted e-mails
  • Attachmore secure file transfer
  • Dropbox
  • Permanently archived transcripts and exhibits
  • Case transcript manager - witness info at your fingertips
  • Tape transcription by certified court reporters, not transcriptionists
  • Three complimentary deposition suites (secure Wi-Fi)
  • Videoconferencing center over IP and ISDN

Premium Services

  • Same day and expedited delivery
  • Interactive Realtime: iCVNet, CaseViewNet, Summation, LiveNote, and DepoSmart for MAC
  • Wireless interactive realtime
  • Interactive realtime over the Cloud
  • Uncertified rough drafts
  • Videotaped depositions with time stamping
  • Internet text streaming
  • Exhibit linking
  • VideoSync with text
  • Document scanning, linking and imaging
  • Interpreter Service
  • Schedule certified court reporters nationally so you don't have to

No matter how technical or complex your case may be, our elite team of reporters can provide realtime hookups, clean rough drafts, and expedited delivery to you and your associates locally or in remote locations via cloud technology.